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Supraglan and the Adrenal glands Simple exlpanation

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Well lets say take an example. You are out in the middle of the night in the woods, alone. Thats scary for most of us and lets say hope its scary for you too. now also imagine that you were only 8 years old or even younger. From the bush, comes a rustle, a shuffle… and then there comes jumping on you a bloody cat… The first thing most kids do? They pee on their pants. Thats what happens to most of us too. The reaction is not caused by fear but by the secretion of extremely potent hormone from the adrenal gland. They call it the adrenalin. and the effect at that very moment is called the adrenalin rush.

Now imaging a really messed up adrenalin gland. You have that stressfull moment everytime. You can just go through the situation. You feel thirsty because you are stressed out, You wanna pee all the time and you are a total freaked out person. Now call it a disease if this becomes constant and you end up with cushings. Well its a bit more advanced than just the above but you can simply sum up the effects or the symptoms. Your dogs behavior and symptoms of cushings disease will match everything that is when he is stressed out . But cushings disease can be treated. Naturally or with other medication which are proven. Check out Supraglan. Its one of the most effective natural medication for dog cushings disease

Where to Buy Supraglan

supraglan ingredients

Where to buy supraglan? I thought you figured it all by now but since you are here you must be still asking.  Supraglan is a product of one of the Nutrition supplement and health products manufacturers for dogs. Their other venture includes which manufactures supplements for humans. Its been around for a long time now and they have excellent reputation too. Yes there are plenty of negative comments and who doesnt have them. Some customer not happy with the product, Some Product is not suitable for the Purpose and sometimes a genuine mistake by the company too. But thats all part of the game. The best part here is that over 95% of the people and their dogs are happy with the petwellbeing products


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Supraglan is Now Adrenal Harmony

Supraglan , the best natural cure found for dog cushings disease has decided to change its name to Adrenal Harmony. The company Petwellbeing had been thinking of a total name change for all its products and now have decided to name supraglan as adrenal Harmony. Its no news that Supraglan was one of the best sellers for petwellbeing and Adrenal harmony will remain to do the same kind of business and provide the same effectiveness to pets. The Adrenal harmony is Not a new product. It is Supraglan in its self, With just a change in the bottle and name. The bottle now comes with a eyedropper and easy to administer. The labels and the product name of course has been changed to help easy reading . The gaudy colors have been replaced to simpler white and green with Blue and black writings.

For all those who have been using supraglan, Dont worry , the product is still the same and will provide the same effectiveness through out. Good luck using Adrenal Harmony


Supraglan – NHV natural pet products

NHV natural pet products are gaining popularity day by day. When people initially thought that Natural therapy was a passe, everything went on to the western style. There were packed food and then medicines which were concentrated chemicals. Today with many people knowing the side effects and the bad effects of the Western remedies, people are moving to natural products. Not just for humans but for pets too. NHV natural pet products are fully natural produce. Fro pet food to medication everything is acquired from natural organic sources.

though there are numerous companies with natural products for humans there are very few in the pet industry who have adopted natural remedies for pets. Among those few, the most popular is petwellbeing has its human natural product line too but the NHV natural pet products by petwellbeing is known for the various remedies. Apart from medicines and treatments, they also provide a great range of food products for pets which are fully natural.

The most popular natural remedies for dogs by petwellbeing is supraglan. Supraglan is one of the few disease dogs acquire which is not well treated with western medication. Natural medicines take advantage of this situation and helps the pet recover naturally. For a full range of products we suggest you check out the petwellbeing site below.

Supraglan Side Effects

Supraglan is a natural product. But do not be fooled by the fact that natural products too sometimes tend to give in to some rare problems. nuts may be a natural product, but some of them are allergic to it and sometimes could be quite bad. Similarly , natural products may have adverse effects on some of the dogs too. Supraglan is a Natural Product. As of side effects there may be none like the other medications and pill but dont be fooled if someone says that its good for any dog. Do the testing. There are cases where dogs are severely allergic to one of the contents in Supraglan.

On the long run, You can be assured that supraglan will not show any side effects at all. If there are any adverse effects chances are you will notice it in 48 hours. Always consult a Vet when in doubt. Medicating your pet without knowing the right disease could lead to problems.

Supraglan Dietary supplement for Cushings disease in Dogs

Supraglan is a Dietary Supplement for Dogs suffering from Cushings Disease. Cushings disease affects over 30% of all dogs over the age of 12. The dogs life expectancy is up to 36 Months after diagnosis. Thats on the higher side, with proper treatment. Supraglan is natural medication for dogs suffering from Cushings disease. supraglan Helps treat multiple symptoms of cushings disease with individual ingredients, all of them natural, being natural gives your dog a chance to heal naturally without going through doses of heavy medication which could later lead to side effects.

With over 400 Reviews on the Vendor Site ,, Supraglan has varied reviews but with an average rating of 4.5, This product is trusted among vendors and has helped dog owners treat dog cushings disease and its been a releif for dog lovers. When most people had given up due to either the cost of treatment or medication not working, Supraglan has proven to work well and without side effects. Diagnosis for the disease is primary . do not administer supraglan without proper diagnosis and  you can also administer it with other medication and its proven to be safe. In all cases, Consult your vet before you make a decision.


Supraglan – A Cure for Cushing’s Disease in Dogs?

Before we discuss anything near supraglan lets understand Cushings disease. Cushings disease is an Endocrine disorder which produces excessive secretion of Adrenalin. The Effect impacts the dogs behavior and provokes excessive urination, Thirst hunger and more which are seen as symptoms.

Cushings Disease is seen in Elder dogs. Treatments include  mitotanetrilostane, ketoconazole, or selegiline. Fortunately or unfortunately none of the above are Natural. Side effects of All the above medications are listed on the page. Amazingly these medicines are still in use to treat cushings disease in dogs. The reason is simply because Surgery is extremely expensive and could cost you anywhere between 2500-5000 Dollars.

Whats the alternative to Surgery and all the above medication? Well if there were natural treatments things would have been a lot easier. Supraglan is one such medication which is natural and has no side effects what so ever. This enables your dog to get rid of the symptoms slowly and without any side effects. Supraglan comes with a 90 Day guarantee and some good reviews. We suggest you check out the Supraglan Now


Supraglan Reviews

Supraglan Reviews

Its not uncommon for any one to ask for Supraglan reviews if they are really intersted in buying the product. If you love your dog and care for it so much chances are that you will go for a natural remedy. Though there are conditions where you would want to go for the pills, there are remedies which have no side effects for your dog and one of them is Supraglan.

With over 1000’s or people with excellent results and really happy dogs, You can be assured that you would have a good majority of excellent supraglan reviews. Like any meds, sometime somethings just dont seem to work. This may be due to situations beyond control or bad diagnosis. Either way the makers assure you that the conditions dont go bad with supraglan. The Supraglan reviews are all over the web but the best place to check for them are at


Herbs for canine cushings disease

Canine Cushings disease natural remedy contains certain herbs whcih are used to reduce the symptoms of Cushings disease. These herbs have been proven to reduce symptons of Cushings disease in general and have been in use since ages. Though not all these herbs act directly in the remedy of Cushings disease itself, they work on removing the symptoms slowly. The root cause of the disease is reduced only by 2 of the main ingredients. The active ingredients used in treating cushings disease in dogs inclue the below.

Herbs for canine cushings disease

Fresh Ashwagandha root : Ashwagandha is a Active ingredient and helps the adrenal glands directly to produce the right amount of cortisols.

Tulsi Or Basil Leaves : Tulsi is known to help immunity since ages and is used in almost all indian Native medicines. Tulsi helps in active remedy of adrenal glands and stimulates faster recovery.

Turmeric : Turmeric is known to have healing abilities and is known to be one of the best antioxidants in nature. Fresh Haldi or Turmeric is used in all indian dishes for a reason . This yellow Root / Stem is effective in many cures and adds to helping recovery of adrenal glands

Other active ingredients include

Bacopa herb (Bacopa monnieri)
Milk Thistle seed
Blessed Thistle flower
Chaste Tree berry
Prickly Ash bark

All the ingredients act effectively in curing Cushings disease in dogs and has been proven to be highly effective. Trust natural remedies in curing Cushings disease now and Help your dog live a longer healthier life.


Petalive cushex drops For dogs

Cushex drops for dogs is a natural remedy for Cushings disease, a common ailment in dogs over the age of 8. Its not a pleasant thing to know that your dog is suffering from cushings disease. The treatment involved and the money to treat cushings disease in dogs could put most pet owners in a trauma. With a pet living with you for 8 years or more, its obvious that the attachment which comes along is a big one. We don’t want to loose our pets so early to a painful disease like cushings. But sometimes we choose the inevitable. Most dogs with cushings disease are either Euthanized or treated with chemicals and surgery the pet cannot heal from. The side effects of the drugs involved in treating cushings disease creates far more adverse effects than the Cushings disease itself. Seeing the pain involved is not a pleasant feeling for any pet lover.

Natural remedies have evolved over the years and plenty of Pet owners try to move towards a natural therapy for dogs. Petalive cushex drops is a holistic remedy, a pure herbal formula to treat the symptoms of cushings disease. Cushex drops has the same ingredient which has been used for years to treat similar symptoms in humans. With every care taken to produce this effective remedy, cushex is also one of the few preferred medicines to treat cushings disease naturally. For more information on Cushex drops for dogs, check the link below.


Dog Cushings disease diagnosis

Diagnosis for dog cushings disease requires undergoing various tests. There are 4 phases to ensure that there is cushings disease and the cause of the cushings disease is to be determined. the first of the four tests is the urine test for cortisol. Dogs with cushings disease will surely have high cortisol levels in thier blood. If there is no abnormal cortisol levels in the blood, your dog surely does not have cushings disease at all. if the Urine test indeed shows high cortisol levels, the second test is recommended to confirm the cause.

The ACTH test is the second in line and during this test, a blood sample is retrieved and tested to note down cortisol levels. An ACTH injection is administered to the do which increase adrenal levels. After 2 hours the blood sample is retrieved again for tests and if the cortisol level is higher than the first test, it assures that there is indeed cushings disease. Otherwise, chances are that it is not suffering from cushings disease.


Prognosis for Cushings diseaes in dogs

Cushings disease, Due to multiple symptoms could be deceiving without proper tests. The symptoms of Cushings disease could let most vets believe that the are related to other disease including cancer and malnutrition  but proper tests and prognosis could treat cushings disease to a better level and extend your dog’s Life expectancy by 2-3 years. Most dogs affected by cushings diseases are old and above the age of 6 with a few exception.

Cushings disease tests for dogs include

1. Urine Cortison or Creatine ration tests
2. ACTH Stimulation Test
3. Low Dose Dexamethasone Suppression TEst
4. High dose Dexamethasone Suppression Tests

Urine Cortison or Creatine ration tests

the first test most Vets will recommend is the Urine cortisone test. This test will tell you if your dog is indeed suffering from cushings disease. But this will not be the final test if the test turns out positive. Dogs with cushings disease will have cortisol levels which are high. so this test if taken , and if the cortisol levels are low or normal, there is a sure shot chance that there is no cushings disease. Your tests for other diseases depending on the symptoms will be required to confirm what the disease is.

ACTH Stimulation Test
This the next test which is required for dogs with cushings diseases. The ACTH is injected to the do to increase cortisol levels. The Process would have a normal Cortisol level after 2 hours, but for a dog with cushings diseases, The cortisol level is far higher than the first test. Its still difficult the cause of the cushings disease and if its pituitary related or Adrenal Gland related. Further tests are recommended to round off the cause and get the right treatment.

Prognosis for cushings disease may require you to do the 2 other tests to assure the kind of Cushings disease.